Cameron Stewart calls Me No Speak a life saver

"I would really recommend this book. It saved my life many-a-times. It really will get you everywhere. You can't get lost with this. It helps when staying in hotels, traveling to historical sights, getting taxis, ordering food, finding landmarks. I couldn't recommend it more. So so so worth whatever it cost me. I'd pay double if I had to. Everywhere I went - Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. MeNoSpeak? Still aint left my pocket. It really was so simple and useful. Fantastic little business. My greatest thanks." Cameron Stewart, UK

China Me No Speak beats out traditional phrase books

"We have recently returned from a 6 week trip to China. We took along the Me No Speak book, as well as a small dictionary and a "traditional" phrase book. Your book proved to be the easiest and most useful of all! It was especially helpful in restaurants, in a very interactive way. My husband at first was skeptical when the book arrived, but soon was praising it! Great idea. We rarely opened the other books. Even when we thought we were speaking Chinese, we weren't often understood for more than hello, good bye, and thank you! Xie Xie for a fun, practical way to communicate with a very difficult language." DB, USA

Steven Shadwick calls Me No Speak a "must have" travel item

"This is a "must have" for anyone traveling in the specific country it was designed for. It can be viewed as basic survival for those that don't speak the language and in a form that is easily accessible and can be viewed from the perspective of either side of the language." Steven Shadwick, USA

China Me No Speak gives travelers confidence

"This a great book for anyone travelling to China...a must, really. Gives you confidence knowing that you have something to fall back on if you run in to problems. Also useful for day to day interactions." Sarah Hickey, Canada

Robert Benach used Me No Speak as a 'bridge builder' while traveling in China

"A trip through China is a great challenge for the non-speaker of any of the Chinese languages to clarify and resolve a multitude of practical daily problems associated with travel: lodging, meals, personal health and hygiene, shopping, etc.

Personal experiences related to such a trip led me to the conclusion that Me No Speak: China will always remain an indispensable travel companion for me in that country. This book, easily carried in a (shirt) pocket, was always readily available and invaluable in numerous moments of need: some funny, others less so, but all mostly always urgent. When every other means of communication failed, Me No Speak (China) functioned as a bridge builder between myself and my Chinese contacts."
Robert Benach, Netherlands

According to Michael Levy, China Me No Speak is an amazing "little red book", especially for vegetarians

"Me No Speak was a godsend. The size is perfect; it's no burden at all to keep it at the ready in a pocket (and you'll want to do this at all times). For anyone with special dietary, health or general comfort needs, don't leave home without Me No Speak. As a vegetarian, I can only imagine the struggle I would've gone through without this book. While pointing back and forth may not be an optimal mode of intercultural dialogue, in situations where there would normally be little chance of communicating anything but frustration, Me No Speak allows the possibility of real connection, which is the higher purpose of travel." Michael Levy, USA

Harun Zankel faced the challenges of independent travel in China with ease, thanks to his Me No Speak book

"In a place where the nonsensical makes sense, this perfectly-sized travel helper can get you through many frustrating circumstances. When I wanted to order vegetarian noodles or find batteries for my camera, I just pointed at the picture. Since I was traveling through China without a tour and without knowing the language, general communication was pretty difficult and Me No Speak became an amazing asset for everyday situations." Harun Zankel, USA