Can’t say it? Point to it.

Our books offer an alternative method to communicate when you don't speak the language: just point at what you want to say.

From transportation glitches to dining disasters—and, yes, bathroom emergencies—our books are the result of difficulties we faced in foreign countries with limited language skills.

It all started one panicked night in a Chinese hotel room, after we were unable to purchase a train ticket or order food because no one spoke English and our Chinese was, well, nonexistent. We solved the issue with hand-drawn pictures and phrases, which we used like flashcards for the remainder of our trip. The technique was so successful, we just had to turn the idea into a book series.

Me No Speak Language Companions are designed to make finding things a breeze, and fit in your money belt or pocket so help is always handy. Whether you’re in the back seat of a cab, seated in a restaurant, or standing on a busy street corner, pointing at your Me No Speak is a quick and easy way to make your needs known.

Plus, Me No Speak Language Companions have a comprehensive Food & Drink section, with menus to help you get off the tourist track and dine like a local (and in some cases, save you from instant noodles in your hotel room). We have found with other guide books and phrase books, the food options are too limited or specialized to be helpful. Having gone hungry more than once, we’ve made sure you won’t.

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